The Best Cheap Blenders for Smoothies On A Budget

I know.

Not everyone can afford a $400+ high-powered blender.

If you are in this situation, then you’ve came to the right place.

Because in this guide, I will not be showing you the cheapest blenders that falls apart after two months.

However, I will be showing you the best cheap blenders (for smoothies and more) that actually work well

A Quick Comparison of the Best Inexpensive Blenders that Actually Work

Our #1 Rated: Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

Our #2 Rated: Ninja Professional Blender (BL610)

Our #3 Rated: Oster Pro 1200

Our #4 Rated: Oster Beehive Blender

Our #5 Rated: Hamilton Beach Power Elite (58148A)

How to Choose the Best Cheap Blender (For Smoothies & More)

How do you pick a cheap blender that actually works?

What should you look for to pick a blender that is affordable, yet still does the job?

If you are struggling to pick the best cheap blender, these could be some of the questions running through your mind.

Here are some features and factors to consider before you pick your perfect low cost blender.

  • How many people will you serve?

Some blenders have family-sized jars, and others are single or two-serve blenders.

Before you put in the money, think about the number of people who will use the blender and then choose the blender that will fit your needs.

For example, if you intend to make to smoothies for the whole family, you should consider getting a family-sized blender.

  • How powerful is the motor?

Even after identifying the type of blender you’d like to buy after considering the numbers to serve, you will only end up disappointed if you don’t check the power of the motor.

For power, you need to determine if the blender will help you prepare the smoothest smoothies and if it can crush ice and other hard ingredients well.

For the smoothest, highest quality smoothies, you should look for blenders with at least 800 watts motor power.

But, you cannot talk about the power of the blender without touching on the blades and the type of jar.

A high-powered jar with thin blades and narrow design isn’t as powerful as a blender with broad blades and a broad base.

  • Storage space

Do you have sufficient space to hold the blender and its accessories?

I recommend choosing a blender with a low profile to fit even low-lying kitchen cabinets.

  • Blending control functions

When you have more blending options and speeds, it means that you have more control over the blending process.

An essential feature besides the speeds is the pulse function as it increases the efficiency of blending the tough and the frozen ingredients.

With the pulse function, you can also chop your ingredients without over-processing them.

  • Durability

How long will the blender last of you are frequently crushing ice and tough whole fruits and vegetables?

Does the blender come with a feature to protect it in case of overload?

How long is the warranty?

Note that the cheap blenders burn or get worn out fast.

You can easily trust a cheap blender with 3 or more years’ warranty.

Never underestimate the durability even when looking for an inexpensive blender.

  • How easy is it to clean the blender?

The best blenders have dishwasher-safe parts.

But, is the blender ideally designed to be cleaned as a single piece?

Also, while having many control knobs simplify ease of use, the blenders with multiple knobs and dials are harder to clean.

  • Material used to make the jar

You will come across cheap blenders made of glass, plastic or stainless steel.

Most blenders have a plastic jar because plastic is lightweight, they don’t break easily, and they are easy to handle.

Unfortunately, plastic absorbs odors, and they stain.

Glass, on the other hand, is heavy and breakable, but, it doesn’t absorb odors or scratch easily.

Though glass seems like a preferable option to plastic, here is an important caveat:

Glass isn’t safe when you have high-powered blenders since they can shatter and cause injury if you forget anything metallic in the jar.

We do not recommend the blenders with stainless steel jars because you cannot see the blending action.

  • How often will you use the blender?

For frequent use, you should opt a high-powered blender.

The cheapest blenders aren’t too good for constant use.

Reviews of the Five Best Low Budget Blenders

Which is the best blender for the money?

Regardless of the digits of your bank balance, you can always get a blender that fits your budget perfectly.

Before writing this review, I researched, listened to other users and even tried the blenders in a bid to direct you to some of the best blenders for you.

To simplify shopping, I’ve broken down the guide based on different price ranges:

Under $120, under $100, under $75, under $50, and under $30.

Without further ado, here are the five best low-cost blenders for smoothies and more:

1. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) – Best Blender Under $120

If you are anything like me, due diligence is essential when buying electronics.

You need to make sure that the device has all the features you have been searching for, and then some, right?

Having researched deeply and widely, this Ninja Professional Blender is what you have been searching for – the price is right, it is high-powered, and the quality is unmatched.

And the best part is that you can prepare large and small quantities thanks to the 72-ounce and the 16-ounce pitchers!

Before you rush out, how about a detailed examination of this BL660 Ninja Professional Blender.

The Key Features & What They Really Mean

High-powered blender

This Ninja blender has a motor that gives 1000 watts of power.

With this power, this blender qualifies to be referred to as a professional blender.

Thanks to this power and Ninja’s patented Total Crushing Technology, you can use it to pulverize ice into snow within seconds.

You might want to get this blender just for the power especially if you are going to make green, healthy smoothies that will work as perfect meal replacements.

The power running these blades will crush all those hard ingredients in seconds leaving you with a smoothie with a high level of consistency and smoothness.

Aside from the powerful motor, the efficiency of this blender results from the patented Ninja blades.

The blades are sharp.

With the power from the motor, the blades slice through the hard ingredients, ice and your frozen vegetables fast.

The blender quickly blasts through the toughest ingredients including stems, whole fruits and stems/ seeds to create the most nutritious smoothies or shakes.

Note to take care when passing your fingers around the blades (if cleaning manually), as they are super sharp and they could leave you severely hurt.

Controls and functions

For ease of use, this high-powered, yet affordable blender comes with a pulse function, 3 speeds and there is the single serve function.

If you are looking for a blender that lets you control the texture of the smoothie or the butter, then you may want to get this blender.

The pulse function, which is missing in some blenders is of great importance especially if you are blending hard ingredients.

The three variable speeds are also essential in the blending process:

As you start from the liquid base and the fruits, you have to blend at a low speed for a few seconds and then shift to high speeds for a few more seconds.

This is also necessary as you add your veggies and the hard ingredients.

You also have the single-serve unit.

If you prefer taking your smoothies on the go, or you have days when you are pressed for time, this function is a life-saver.

Two pitcher sizes – 72oz and 16oz

Whether you are preparing smoothies for three servings or if you need a smoothie for one meal, this blender has you covered.

If you host cocktails or you are making breakfast for your whole family, then the large pitcher is invaluable.

Also, the two 16oz cups come with tight-fitting lids.

Since a straw can fit in these pitchers, they make excellent travel/ to-go smoothie cups.

Besides the convenience you get from the two sizes, the pitchers are reliable, durable and safe.

These cups and the pitcher have a hard-plastic and a BPA-free construction.

BPA-free plastic means that you prepare and drink safe smoothies and you don’t have to worry about the dangers of BPA plastic.


Weighing about 10lbs, this blender is slightly heavy, and it might not be a great fit if you have to carry/ move it around.

On the bright side, the body of the blender houses the powerful motor that serves you incredibly tasty smoothies.

Since the blender’s body is a made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean.

The stainless steel base and the plastic pitcher, plus the black lid make this a sleek blender that will look great on your kitchen counter.


Thanks to the control functions, this blender is easy to use.

Cleaning is also easy thanks to the BPA-free material and the hard dishwasher-safe plastic.

You can clean the parts in the dishwasher.

For separation of the pitcher from the body, gently twist the blade assembly counter-clockwise to remove it.

You can use a dish towel for a better grip.

Things We Liked

  • This blender is powerful, and versatile: if you have been looking for a powerful blender to make the smoothies, then this is it. But, that isn’t all. One of my favorite feature/ benefit of this blender is that you can use it to prepare purees, batters, dips, sauces, cocktails, soups and even homemade facemasks.
  • Convenient pitchers: the blender comes with a 72oz and two 16oz pitchers which ensure that you prepare the exact quantity of smoothie you need.
  • It is easy to clean:  the parts of the blender are dishwasher-safe. You can also clean the pitcher by filling it halfway with warm and clean water, add some detergent pulse and then run the blender under high speed. Rinse and dry it.
  • Warranty: this blender has a 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects.
  • Safe: it is made of hard plastic that is BPA-free. Also, kids cannot play with it, and it cannot run accidentally since you have to lock the whole unit in place and also cover the pitcher before it can run.
  • It is affordable, and it definitely does the job.

Things we didn’t like

  • It is loud: with all the power from the motor, the noise levels are inevitable.
  • If you aren’t careful, the sharp blades may leave deep cuts.


This blender isn’t the best choice if you are looking for a lightweight and a quiet blender.

However, for its price, it’s impressive what this blender is able to do.

It gives you value for your money, and it comes with more than you get from other much more expensive blenders.

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2. Ninja Professional Blender (BL610) – Best Blender Under $100

This BL610 Ninja Professional blender is a great alternative to the BL660 model.

And it is certainly one of the best smoothie blenders for under $100.

The Key Features & What They Really Mean

Sleek design

The black plastic base that goes all the way to the lid and the handle of the blender against the clear pitcher gives this blender an attractive design.

If you value aesthetics, then, this is one of the best blenders to give you value for your money.

Power and motor

Like its predecessor reviewed above, the Ninja Professional Blender BL660, this blender also comes with a 1000 watts motor.

This power makes this blender perfect especially if you are planning to crush hard ingredients.

The only problem with this is that the motor’s housing isn’t of the highest quality since it has a plastic construction.

However, if you handle it with care, then you can rely on this blender for smoothie making for years.

Besides the power, this Ninja blender boasts the patented Total Crushing Technology which makes pulverization of hard ingredients like frozen fruits possible.

The power of this blender gives it the highest level of versatility.

You can use it to make frozen desserts, juices, smoothies, purees, soups, nut milks, batters, butter, and you can also use it to grind hard ingredients.

Controls and functions

Even at its low price, you can still rely on the power and the versatility of this blender thanks to the controls which are easy to use.

It comes with three-speed control buttons (high, medium, and low), and it also has a pulse button which is useful when blending green smoothies.

Having used blenders without the pulse function, I understand that this feature is invaluable.

The pulse function chops ingredients, and it also helps in removing air pockets during the blending process.

The low-speed function, on the other hand, is suitable for chopping the small and soft ingredients.

You can also use it to make marinades, salsas and for pureeing vegetables.

The medium function is for chopping hard foods like nuts, cheese and crushing snow cones.

On the other hand, the high function is ideal for processing smoothies and shakes.

Therefore, with these control functions, you can expect professional blending.

Ease of use

This BL610 Ninja Professional Blender has a simple blade assembly, and the lid plus the pitcher system makes it relatively easy to assemble and disassemble the parts of the blender.

I consider the locking and the unlocking mechanism a little hard because the pitcher and the base unit have to fit and lock uniquely.

This mechanism ensures that the blender is safe at all times.

If you have children, you shouldn’t worry about the blender powering up at the touch of the buttons.

Kids love buttons, and the locking mechanism keeps them safe.


The parts of the blender are BPA-free and dishwasher safe meaning you won’t have to struggle with cleaning.

For safe and easy cleaning, fill the pitcher with hot or warm water and drop in a few drops of your dishwashing detergent.

Put the lid back and then pulse before running the blender on high speed for a few seconds.


This blender comes with a 72oz pitcher.

If you have a family, host cocktails, or you just want to prepare more than a single serving of your favorite green smoothie, you should consider getting this blender.

The pitcher is BPA-free made using polycarbonate which makes it hardy and durable.

The only downside is that this blender isn’t stress-resistant or temperature resistant.

Things We Liked

  • It is powerful: you can use this blender to prepare great smoothies every day. The 1000-watt motor and Super Ninja’s total crushing technology chop and liquefy hard ingredients like fruits, whole veggies, seeds, and nuts.
  • The lightweight design: if you have to move this blender to a different workstation every time you are blending something, the 7lbs of this blender will be manageable.
  • Ease of pouring: this blender comes with a spout which makes pouring of that thick and creamy drink simple. The spout also prevents spills saving on cleaning up time.
  • Ease of cleaning: it is dishwasher safe, and you can also clean it by running and hot water and some liquid detergent for a few minutes. Just be careful when cleaning it because the blades are too sharp.
  • Safe: it has a locking mechanism which prevents accidents. With curious kids running around my kitchen all the time, this locking feature is a life-saver!

Things we didn’t like

  • Plastic construction: even though this construction makes for the blender’s lightweight design, it makes this blender less durable. The blender breaks easily, and it cannot handle stress.
  • Loud: despite the high power and its efficiency, this is one of the loud blenders around.
  • The texture of the smoothies is wanting: the smoothies aren’t as smooth as what you get from the high-powered blenders in the higher price range.


Is this Ninja Professional Blender BL610 for you?

Well, it depends.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and you blend a lot, this blender may not handle the stresses of the job.

But, this isn’t to say that the blender doesn’t work – it is powerful, lightweight, easy to use, and affordable.

And if your budget is just under the $100 mark, then you should definitely get this blender.

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3. Oster Pro 1200 – Best Blender Under $75

Who said that you could not afford a great blender with less than $75?

We know that you can since this Oster Pro 1200 blender is one of the best inexpensive blenders right along your alley.

The Key Features & What They Really Mean

Technological features and function

For efficiency and ease of use, this blender comes with the Smart Settings Technology and seven speeds which include three pre-programmed settings.

The settings and the features enhance the versatility of the blender while giving you control over the texture of the smoothie.

Besides the speed functions, you also have the pulse and the puree features.

The pre-programmed settings put an end to the guessing game, especially when preparing shakes, purees, sorbets, and salsas.

The pulse feature is for precision, control, and getting rid of air pockets so that you will not have to use a spatula to mix your ingredients.

Powerful motor

At the price you are getting this blender, the power is unmatched.

This Oster Pro 1200 has 1200 watts of power and 900 watts of ice crushing power.

With all the power held by this Oster blender, it is no wonder that this is the most versatile blender under $75.

Besides the motor, you also have the tough blades which push ingredients down to the bottom of the pitcher for consistent results.

But, that isn’t all – the blades have the dual direction functionality which increases the blending speeds and the power.

Large BPA-free Titan Jar

This blender features an extra-large 8-cup Tritan jar which is impact and temperature resistant.

It is also dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

With this jar, you can easily prepare large quantities of smoothies. 

And if you host cocktails, dinners or brunches, then this large capacity will simplify the cocktail and food preparation.

Here is the best part about this Tritan Jar:

It has a wide base which allows food to flow freely down to the blade plus the dual direction technology incorporated into the blades.

Dual Direction Blade Technology

For extra blending power, as well as the ability to chop and grind ingredients, this blender boasts highly precise and broad 3.5” blade system.

This system that allows for the ingredients in the blender to flow down to the bottom of the jar.

By blending/ chopping or slicing in dual directions, this blender works fast and smoothly.

Food processor

Besides the large jar, you also have a 5-cup food processor bowl which slices, shreds and chops ingredients fast.

This food processor makes for easy food preparation.

It has a stainless steel slicing disk, as well as a chopping blade.

Things We Like

  • It is powerful:  the blender has 1200-watt motor which pulverizes hard ingredients. It leaves no chunks even when dealing with the greens like kale and vegetables like carrots. It crushes ice easily too.
  • Pre-programmed settings: these make it a lot easier to use the blender. The three presets include food chop/ salsa, green/ frozen smoothies, and the milkshakes option. All the other controls are easy to use – just note that the pulse function liquefies salsa.
  • Wide-based jar: this keeps the ingredients at the bottom of the jar and close to the blades which use the fast dual-direction technology.
  • High-quality construction: unlike other blenders with plastic jars, this blender’s jar is made of borosilicate glass which is more expensive and better than Pyrex. Borosilicate gives the blender the heat resistance element.
  • It is easy to clean.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is loud: with its build, you should expect loud blending sessions
  • It’s slow: compared to the high-end blenders, this blender takes more time to yield the results you seek.
  • It heats up.
  • It isn’t very durable.


If you are looking for a high-powered blender that comes with a food processor, yet, for under $75, this is by far your best option.

It is, however, loud and you may have to replace it too soon.

But for its price, it’s unbeatable.

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4. Oster Beehive Blender – Best Blender Under $50

While you cannot categorize this blender as a high-speed blender, it does the job.

The Key Features & What They Really Mean

Blending power

With 1000-power watts and a 600-watts blending power, you can use this blender for all your blending needs.

With all this power, you can use the blender to make juices, smoothies, dips, and sources.

Blending speeds

For ease of operation, this Oster blender features two controls for speed.

It also has a toggle high and low switches which are easy to use.

Sleek design

The blender has metallic, glass and plastic components which makes it looks good on your kitchen.

It looks good, and it blends with just about every kitchen design.’


The use of metal connectors rather than the plastic ones means that this blender will last a long time.

The other feature that makes this blender durable is the Tritan jar made of borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate is heat-resistant, and it can also withstand a substantial amount of pressure including daily use.

The stainless steel blades can crush ice, and they will not break easily.

Large Jar

This blender comes with a 6-cup borosilicate glass jar.

The jar is durable, easy to clean and the best part – it is dishwasher safe.

Marked filler cap

This blender comes with a filler cap with built-in markings to help you measure and pour ingredients as you blend.


Oster wants you to know that it’s a brand you can trust.

For that reason, this blender comes with an Oster 10-Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty.

Things we like

  • Containers fit the blender easily: even though it doesn’t come with extra containers, you can fit different types of containers in this blender as they fit in the blade assembly screw cap. You can buy any of Oster’s containers, and it will fit in this blender easily.
  • An affordable glass blender: most glass blenders are available at crazy high prices but not this blender. It is affordable, and it has a genuine borosilicate glass jar.
  • It is durable: the metallic drive, the stable base, and the stainless steel blades ensure that this blender lasts for years. These metal parts cannot melt
  • It is easy to use: it has a high and low toggle switch which is simple and easy to use.
  • It is also easy to clean since the parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It holds in the ingredients, and it doesn’t smear the lid or splatter ingredients all over when you start it.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is noisy.
  • When overused, it may give off a rubbery smell.
  • It isn’t a high-speed blender.


It seems like this blender houses some great features common to the high-powered and high-end blenders.

It is easy to use, and even though the power is relatively low, it makes great smoothies.

Also, the metal and glass construction makes it durable and better than some higher priced blenders.

So, if you have been looking for a low-priced blender for smoothies and one that will last longer giving you value for your money, consider this blender.

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5. Hamilton Beach Power Elite (58148A) – Best Blender Under $30

The cheapest blender isn’t always the worst blender. 

This is something I learned when I came across this Hamilton Beach Power Elite (58148A) – one of the most affordable smoothie blenders.

If you are considering taking a journey into the healthy eating part of life, and your budget is too low, you shouldn’t worry about the price too much as you can get this blender.

The Key Features & What They Really Mean

700-watt motor

Isn’t this enough power to make a great smoothie?

Well, this blender’s 700-watt blending power is effective for the preparation of fruit smoothies, milkshakes, and frozen smoothies.

The Hamilton blender comes with 12 blending options which include grate, crush ice, salsa, milkshake, chop, and smoothie.

The downside of this power is that it isn’t enough to process hard vegetables and so, it isn’t the best option when your green smoothie has kale, celery or hard nuts and seeds.

In addition to the powerful motor, the blender also features powerful blades which chop, slice and pulverize ingredients.

Unique design

Despite being a low budget smoothie maker, it has a unique design which makes it look like it is worth a lot more than it looks.

It features a borosilicate glass jar which looks attractive on any kitchen counter.

It also fits under most low kitchen cabinets.

The other unique feature is the storage design – once you finish blending, the cord fits perfect under the blender making for easy storage and a clutter-free kitchen.

Ease of cleaning

The blender comes with BPA-free and dishwasher-safe parts (the blades and the jar).

You can also clean it by running hot water with dishwashing soap for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

The cap is also hinged simplifying cleaning.

Wave-action system

Do you often worry that some of your ingredients aren’t pureed or chopped well enough, especially when dealing with a low-powered blender?

Well, not anymore.

And the best part is that you don’t have to spend time hawking over your blend.

And you don’t have to poke your ingredients every few seconds because the blender isn’t mixing ingredients as it should.

This Hamilton blender goes around this issue with its Wave-Action System which pulls down what you are blending leaving you with a smooth and a uniform mix.

40oz glass jar

Unlike other low-priced blenders, this Hamilton blender has a 40oz glass jar.

Now, this jar may not hold enough smoothie for everyone in your small party, but it will hold just enough smoothie for one or two meals.

The glass jar can withstand extreme temperatures, and washing will not weaken or make it crack.


For an inexpensive smoothie blender, it comes with a 3-year warranty

Things We Like

  • It is powerful: even though this blender isn’t as powerful as other blenders, you can make purees, fruit smoothies, and shakes with it. You will also like it because it will not stop working or even overheat when you blend hard foods.
  • No mess: the jar has a spout and a lid hinged in the jar preventing spills and messes every time you pour out your blend. It is also easy to clean, and it has dishwasher-safe parts.
  • It has a glass jar: for a very low-cost blender, the use of glass for the blender’s jar tells you that the manufacturer values quality. The glass is resistant to pressure and heat.
  • It is versatile: you can use it to prepare juices, smoothies, dips. You can make a green smoothie too if you use soft ingredients.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is too loud.
  • It isn’t the sturdiest blender.
  • The smoothies don’t have the highest consistency.


For a 700-watt blender that can do just about everything in the kitchen including handling frozen fruits, this Hamilton Beach Power Elite (58148A) is a great blender.

Unfortunately, it isn’t your best blender if you are planning to make green smoothies and even dips every day.

Also, the noise is deafening, and it isn’t the best choice if you have little kids.

Should you get it?

If you seriously don’t want to spend more than $30, and you’re looking for the cheapest blender for light use, than this blender is your best option.

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How to Save Money when Making Smoothies on a Budget

Since we’re on the subject of getting budget blenders, I thought why not share with you how I save money making smoothies when I’m on a tight budget.

Here are some of my quick money-saving tips for making smoothies:

  • Go for frozen fruits: Frozen isn’t superior to fresh. Just choose the plain frozen fruits over the pre-made frozen smoothies. You should also choose frozen vegetables.
  • Keep things simple and use what you have. Limit the number of ingredients you are going to use and use the ingredients in season.
  • Don’t waste ingredients: you can cut into half, bag and freeze browning bananas. You can freeze all your veggies and fruits if you worry about them going bad. Don’t ever throw your money.
  • Generic and bulk: you can save a lot of money if you choose to buy the generic organic produce. Also, when there are in offers, buy in bulk and, don’t be afraid of buying from your local farmers’ market.
  • Have a shopping list when shopping.
  • Start gardening.
  • Save on the high-quality superfoods.

Here’s a video on how to make 7 green smoothies for $15 at Trader Joe’s:

How to Make Better Smoothies with Cheap Smoothie Makers

Your blender will always last longer if you take good care of it.

For this, you should know how to prepare a smooth smoothie when you’re using one of the blenders I listed above.

Since drinking a smoothie full of chunks and strings is disappointing, if you are unable to upgrade to a high-powered blender, you should consider following the following steps and blending tips:

Start with the liquid first, always!

Which is your preferred liquid base?

Water, coconut water, or milk substitutes?

You can also use juice or milk if you aren’t counting the calories.

But, if concerned with the calories, mix water and juice in equal ratios.

Why add a liquid first?

Well, the liquid makes it possible for the blender to produce enough vortex to oil the fruits and vegetables into the blades.

Doing this simplifies the blending process.

Chop and dice the fruits and vegetables

You can do this before or after you prepare your liquid base.

Also, make sure you have a sharp knife.

And if your blender’s power isn’t as high, make the ingredients finer.

Add the fresh fruits

This is where you put in all your fresh fruits of choice for that smoothie.

The fruits should be fresh, but if frozen, they have to wait to be added to ice.

Adding fruits before greens create a powerful vortex to pull the greens towards the blades.

Adding veggies before the fruit creates a bottleneck in the middle of the blender and the veggies cannot reach the blades.

Pro tip: if you want to add some yogurt, add it before adding the greens.


This is an important function.

It will chop and break apart the ingredients of the smoothie and get things going.

The pulse function may also dislodge pieces stuck in the blades.

Use variable speeds

Though you’ll feel tempted to go for the high-speed setting after pulsing, you shouldn’t.

Instead, start blending on low after pulsing and then increase the speed to high after about 30 seconds.

In case you need to push your ingredients down, start back at low and got to high; but add some liquid if the problem persists.

You can add your frozen fruits and the ice after the greens liquefy.

So, What’s the Best Affordable Blender For You?

Still stuck on what to buy out of the five blenders reviewed above?

Well, I hope I can help you make your decision on the best affordable blender right now.

First, what is your exact budget?

I ask this because I have two preferable winners in the under $120 and under $75 categories:

The Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) and the Oster Pro 1200 Blender.

These two blenders are what I feel are the best inexpensive blenders for the money and performance.

Both blenders are excellent options for their specific price.

However, if you live for quality and the convenience that comes with a blender that pulverizes all its ingredients fast…

And a blender whose construction will defy years of abuse, then the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) is your best pick.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget but you are looking for something powerful, get the Oster Pro 1200 Blender.

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