The Best Quiet Blenders (For Smoothies and More!)

Blenders are handy kitchen appliances, but they can also be unbearable. How many times have you had to watch your friends walk out of the kitchen, one after the other because the super-powerful blender you are using to make their smoothies or cocktails is deafening, leaving you speaking with yourself? How about the number of times you’ve put off blending or pureeing because you don’t want to wake up your sensitive child?


After years of frustrations, you would jump at the chance of owning one of the quietest blenders, wouldn’t you? Well, you should start setting aside money because we are just about to reveal the best quiet blender for smoothies and cocktails.

Wondering if the quiet blenders will have as much ice crushing and blending power as the blender you currently own? Well, it would seem unfair for us to recommend a quiet blender that can only crush overripe bananas, wouldn’t it?

Having struggled with the noise issue for years, it became apparent, day after day, that I had to get a quiet, yet powerful blender, primarily because of my last one who is the lightest sleeper ever!

With that in mind, the search began. After extensive research, we came across the best quiet blenders. These appliances have gone through tests, and they have noise dampening features like noise dampening motor housing or plastic enclosure to reduce the noise. Others have both noise dampening features.

But, here is the caveat – with the increased demand for quiet and powerful blenders, the supply of the same has been growing meaning that you need to be keen when shopping. This brings us to the question, what makes the best quiet blender? What should you look for in a quiet blender?

Don’t Feel Like Reading? Here’s Our Winner

Blendtec Professional 800

If you live for breakfast smoothies, quiet mornings and regular human conversations while blending, this could be the blender for you. The Blendtec Professional 800 is one of the quietest blender known to use. Blendtec has unique and powerful blenders, and this isn’t an exception. You might like this blender because its sound dampening properties do not affect the performance of the blender meaning that you get the best of both worlds.

Here is the best bit – this Blendtec blender has the same design and power features as the commercial Blendtec Stealth 875 blender yet, the Blendtec Professional 800 costs less, and it even has a longer warranty. Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like to get your hands on?

Reviews of the Quietest Blenders on the Market

As mentioned above, there is an increase in the number of models and brands of silent blenders. Consequently, you have to pay attention to every detail of a blender before you can buy one. To simplify the search for you, we narrowed down the list of the quietest blenders to five. Read on to find out which blender fits you best.

Blendtec Professional 800 - The World’s Quietest Blender

This is the world’s quietest blender. It is also one of the world’s most powerful blenders. Therefore, you will finally prepare smoothies for breakfast without waking up the neighborhood, and you can hold intense conversations with your friends with the blender running. The reason why this blender takes the crown as the world’s quietest blender is that it reduces noise emissions by up to 77 percent. Would you like to know how it does that, and what more you get from investing in this Blendtec blender? Keep reading.


Quietest blender

You might want to end your search for the quietest blender with this Blendtec Professional 800. It runs at a shallow sound level that won’t interrupt phone or one-on-one conversations. If you are in the kitchen with your kids, the blender will let you hold your little and hearty conversations with ease.

How is this possible?

Well, the blender comes housed in a sleekly-designed sound enclosure. It also features the most advanced Blendtec proprietary sound dampening system, as well as an airflow innovation system. These two systems are the reasons for the blender’s ultra-quiet operation. With the sound reduction design, it is clear that even with the industrial strength a blender has, it doesn’t have to run with industrial level noise.

Stealth technology – the noise reduction comes from the stealth design of this Blendtec blender. It has a 360-degree sealed sound enclosure. And, the blending jar is enclosed within a second jar which prevents any noise from escaping. Alongside the advanced sound-dampening airflow innovation, you have the world’s quietest blender in your kitchen.

About the noise levels – the Blendtec Professional 800 maxes out at 67 decibels which makes the blender 0.25 percent as loud as other blenders.

Therefore, if you are looking for a blender that isn’t bulky or noisy, then you should consider this Blendtec Professional 800. Did we mention that it is affordable?


You wouldn’t want a quiet blender that cannot make your favorite breakfast smoothie or an ice smoothie in the colder months, would you? Well, the stealth design of this Blendtec Professional 800 ensures that while the blender runs quietly, it crushes every tough ingredient in the blending jar.

The blender has a 3.8 horsepower 1800watt motor. The high horsepower direct drive motor ensures that the blender crushes all your ingredients leaving you with a smoothie or a puree with high consistency.

The motor of this blender is more than double the power in standard blenders hence the reliability and the versatility of this blender.

Controls and speeds

Like the Blendtec Designer series, the Blendtec Professional 800 has 11 incremental speeds as well as a capacitive touch slider. It runs at high speeds ranging from 4,000 RPM to 29000RPM.

For control, the blender has six pre-programmed options and an incremental manual speed slider. The blending options are for batters, cocktails mixed drinks, smoothies, frozen treats, ice cream, soups, and whole juice. On the user interface, the blender also comes with a Pulse Key and a Stop Key. The toggle dial lets you change the settings from programs to manual speeds.


Complementing the power of the motor are the laser-cut stainless steel blades. They are strong, and they will not give out under pressure. If you had trouble blending raspberries because of the seeds, or celery because of the fibers, this blender brings to an end all your struggles

How different are these blades from the standard blades? The Blendtec Professional 800 has its blades in a wingtip, two-pronged blade design. The wingtips are effective in breaking apart the large ingredients allowing for quick blends. On the other hand, the two-pronged design ensures that you scrape out the final mixture from the jar easily.

The blades also feature a unique blunt-safety design which is 80 percent thicker and up to ten times stronger than other blades.

The blades spin at high speeds, and as they spin, they create friction generating heat to make hot soups or sauces.

The jar

The efficiency of the blender comes with something else – the BPA-free WildSide jar and the blending jar. The jar can hold 90 ounces meaning that this is the best family blender you can own.  The jar is impact-resistant and made using a BPA-fee copolyester material.

The smaller jar has markings up to 36 ounces, which is an essential feature if you are counting calories. The WildSide container is unlike other blender containers because it has five sides. The five-sided design creates a vortex to pull ingredients down the blade. Also, the flat-sided design makes it easy for you to scrape out the thick ingredients.

Something else to appreciate from the design of the jar is the fact that it is wide hence easy to clean.

Vented gripper lid

The WildSide jar comes with a vented gripper lid that closes with a snapping sound. The vent on the lid allows steam to escape when preparing soups. You can also use the vent to add ingredients while blending.

Things We Liked

  • It is the quietest blender in the world
  • It is one of the most powerful blenders thanks to the 3.8 horsepower motor and the high-strength blades
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It has the same power as the commercial Blendtec blender
  • It is easy to use because it comes with preprogrammed settings.
  • The WildSide jar enhances blending efficiency
  • It has a durable design
  • It is one of the most versatile blenders thanks to the power, the efficiency of the blades, and the jar. You can use it for mixing, pureeing, blending, and dough making.

Things we didn’t like

  • It is pricey
  • It lacks a self-cleaning feature
  • You cannot use it to make margaritas because you don’t get the right amount of slush.


The Blendtec Professional 800 is a feature-rich blender that holds an immense amount of power. It is easy to use, functional, highly versatile, and super quiet. You may have to save for a few months but, this is an investment worth your money.

Jamba Quiet Shield Blender - Best Value for Money

Advertised as ‘big on power and small on noise’ this is one of the quiet smoothie blenders for smoothies you might want to try. Other than the low noise emission and the high power, we’d like to add that this is one affordable blender and it will give you value for your money. Before we determine if this blender is worth your money, we’d like to mention that the blender is a production of the popular Jamba Juice Smoothie store chain which produced its first Jamba appliance in 2015, in partnership of Hamilton Beach. The latter is a company better known for its affordability and reliability. So, is this Jamba Quiet Shield Blender as good as they say it is?


Quiet performance

This blender is one of the quietest blenders yet affordable and powerful. For the quiet operation, the blender comes with a sound enclosure which reduces noise emissions significantly. The sound enclosure offers sound dampening meaning that you can hold a conversation with this blender running. Besides the enclosure, its motor base runs relatively quietly.


You do not have to worry about the blender yielding low-quality smoothies. For the smoothie consistency, you are looking for; the blender has a powerful 1.6 horsepower motor which translates to a1200 watts of power. Since the best ice crushing blenders have a minimum power of 1000 watts, it means that you can rely on this blender for all your kitchen and entertainment needs. The blender will crush ice, whole vegetables, and tough fruits.

Note that with this power, the blender might struggle to blend the thicker ingredients if you don’t use a tamper.  However, you can make oat flour, almond powder and different kinds of nut butter using the blender.


The pulverizing power of the blender also comes from the hardened single-piece design of the blades. The blades will cut through vegetable, fruits, ice, produce and nuts.


The Jamba Quiet Shield Blender comes with a high-quality and shatter-proof 32oz blending jar and a personalized single serve 20oz jar.

The 32oz jar has easy-to-read measurements marks which enhance the usability of the blender. The blender also comes with a filler cap which doubles as a small-volume measuring cup.  The jars are BPA-free and safe.

For the thick ingredients, the tamper that fits in the 32-oz blender will simplify blending while reducing the noise levels significantly.

But, there is a catch, you cannot use the tamper with the sound enclosure on, and so, you have to deal with some noise.

The 20-oz jar is an ideal to-go smoothie cup. It fits it the motor base making this blender suitable for single servings of smoothies and juices.


All the removable parts of the blender are dishwasher-safe. You can also clean the blender jar by filling it with water, adding a drop or two of the dishwashing liquid and blending for about 30 seconds. Rinse off the blender and let it dry before you store it.

Compact design

It has a low-profile design which means that it will fit under the standard 18-inch kitchen cabinets comfortably.

Durable construction design

The blender has a metal drive plus a stainless steel blade which crushes the toughest ingredients in the blending jar. These metal parts also increase the shelf-life of the blender ensuring that you get years of service from the appliance.


The blender uses the dial control that features variable speeds and a pule function. The variable speeds are perfect for chopping, blending, mixing, grinding or pureeing.

Things We Liked

  • It comes with quality features like the metal coupling gear which enhance the durability of the blades
  • It comes with a soft start feature which protects the blender from burning out when you start it up.
  • The blender has a durable construction with metal drive, a metal gear, and strong stainless steel blades. It also has heavy-duty BPA-free plastic construction.
  • It is the quietest blender out of all the blenders within its price range
  • It is versatile, and it comes with a spill-proof to-go smoothie cup
  • It is easy to clean
  • The low-profile design gets the stress out of storage
  • The controls are easy to use
  • It is affordable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The blender struggles with ice, seeds, nuts and frozen fruits
  • The 32oz blending jar is too small for family use – this blender would easily fall into the personal blender category. It serves a maximum of 2 years


With the power it holds and the sound reduction, along with the low price, this is one of the best quiet blenders on the market. The only caveat is that the blender isn’t fit for family use. It is suitable for quiet preparation of smoothies on the go. Therefore, you could say that this is a great blender.

Vitamix Quiet One - Also Great

It seems like Vitamix endeavors to develop great blenders that fit different needs without much disappointment. This Vitamix Quiet One is one of the silent smoothie makers, as the name suggests. It competes with the Blendtec and the Jamba Juice blender, and it has a lot to offer.

Worth mentioning is the fact that this isn’t the cheapest silent blender on the market, but, from different experiences, the quality and the reliability of the blender makes the blender a worth purchase. So, what makes it great?


Quiet operation

The blender is up to four times quieter than its competition. Even when making demanding recipes, the blender’s reliability is advanced.

Wondering what is responsible for the low-noise-emission? Well, the blender features an innovative noise dampening technology which ensures that you crush ice and still hold a conversation.

It also has the patented blender noise reduction system that features a magnetically secured sound enclosure. It also has an innovative door seal design and a patent-floating technology that reduce the transmission of vibrations while improving airflow, resulting in a significant reduction in the noise levels. Therefore, you can use this blender to make the frozen fruit smoothies without waking up your neighbors.

The average sound levels of the blender are in the lower to the mid 60 decibels.


While running almost silently, the blender crushes the hardest ingredients thanks to the 3-peak horsepower motor. With all this power output, you can expect the blender to pulverize all your ingredients in just seconds quickly. The power of motor also contributes to the versatility of the blender. You can use it to prepare frappes, smoothies and frozen drinks comfortably. It also has powerful stainless steel blades which are placed on a durable base.

Container’s design

The blender features an advanced design that enhances blending efficiency. The container has a dripless spout that improves pourability from the blender. It also has a double-sealed bearing design which enhances the ease of washing the blender. The double-sealed bearing design also increases the longevity of the blades’ assembly system.

The container has a 48-ounce capacity making it ideal for use by smaller families. You can use it in commercial settings thanks to the power.


Other than the design of the blender cleaning is made easier by the magnetically secured back cover. The absence of screws or detachable parts also reduces the cleaning time of the blender significantly.


For blending efficiency, the blender comes with six programs that have s34 optimized control programs which offer ease of operation. The controls ensure that you achieve the same level of consistency with every blend. You can also customize blending controls for your favorite smoothies and drinks.

Things We Liked

  • It is easy to use thanks to the six control buttons
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is four times quieter than other blenders
  • You can use it commercially
  • It is durable, and it has a high endurance thanks to the sturdy construction
  • The blender has a superior keypad sealing and a one-piece circuit board which improves its reliability.
  • It is versatile
  • The container has a unique design and a built-in dripless spout to prevent spillage and messes on your kitchen counter
  • The 48-ounce container is BPA-free and safe
  • It is powerful

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This is an expensive blender
  • It won’t last as long if you use it in a commercial setting


If you don’t mind the price tag of this blender and you need to use a blender that won’t wake a light sleeper, then you should consider getting this blender.

Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W

If you are looking for a relatively quiet blender for smoothies, a blender that is stylishly designed to look great on your kitchen counter, you might want to consider this Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W. It is an affordable option, and since Hamilton has been on the market for over a century, it goes without saying that the company knows what it is doing.


Quiet blending

To ensure that you can hold a conversation in the kitchen, and to save your vocal cords from shouting, the blender comes with a quiet shield design that reduces the amount of noise emitted from the blender. All you need to do is to place the shield over the jar when blending.

You might also like that the shield also serves as a serving pitcher, and you can also use it to carry ice from the freezer to the blender.

Besides the shield, noise dampening comes from the airflow design around the motor, as well as the rubber mounted components. All these design features reduce the noise levels during blending


Besides noise reduction, you might also consider getting this blender because of its ice-crushing power that comes from the 2.0 peak horsepower motor which has 1500 watts of power. This power is ice crushing, and you can depend on it to crush tough and fibrous smoothie ingredients. 

Besides the motor, the ice crushing power of the blender comes from hardened steel blades which rotate at high speeds of up to105mph.


For ease of use, the blender features a variable speed dial which will give you the ultimate control over your blending process. There is also a pulse function which helps you control the texture of the blends.

Speaking of control systems, this Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W blender also comes with four pre-programmed settings which eliminate guesswork out of blending. The settings give a one-touch convenience to prepare smoothies, purees and ice crushes. The blender will stop automatically at the end of the cycle so that you can have your smoothie ready by the time you finish other tasks. There is also a setting for cleaning.


It comes with a 32-oz shatterproof jar. It is BPA-free, and it is easy to mount. It also has a taper that helps you blend the dense and thick ingredients.


One of the preprogrammed settings is the clean setting which makes the blender easy to clean. To use this function, you have to add some water into the jar, add some drops of dishwashing detergent and then press the self-cleaning function.

If you prefer cleaning in the dishwasher, you are in luck because the jar, tamper and the lid are all dishwasher-safe.

Things We Liked

  • The five-year limited warranty
  • It has a durable design, and all the parts are long-lasting
  • The jar is BPA-free
  • It runs quietly
  • The blender has ice crushing power
  • It has a low-profile design, and it fits under most kitchen cabinets
  • It is versatile, and it can make soups and powders
  • The blades are strong and long lasting
  • It turns off on its own thanks to the preprogrammed settings

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It isn’t as quiet
  • It doesn’t come with travel cups
  • The 32oz jar is too small for family use


Although there are blenders that are quieter than this Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W blender, it is quieter than most standard blenders. And, for its price, this is a great investment especially if you need a blender for small smoothie servings.

BLACK+DECKER Quiet Blender - Best Cheap Option

If you feel constrained financially, you might want to try this quiet blender by BLACK + DECKER. The BLACK+DECKER Quiet Blender offers more power while emitting low noise. This blender is feature-packed to ensure that you get the best out of every blend. Is the low price all that this blender has to offer? Let’s take a look:


Quiet operation

The blender reduces noise emissions by up to 40 percent. This noise reduction results from the blender’s quiet technology which assures you of maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a shield to reduce noise emission.

The noise reduction also comes from the slip-resistant rubber feet.

Powerful motor

The blender has a 900Watt motor which is the reason for the high-performance of the blender. Of course, this power isn’t enough to crush ice adequately, and it doesn’t come close to the power held by the Vitamix, Blendtec or Jamba Juice. However, this power gets the word done, crushing most of your ingredients easily.

Powerful blades

Besides the 900W motor, the smoothie making the power of this blender comes from the uniquely designed 4-tip QuadPro Blade Technology. The technology features four-tip stainless steel blades for blending. These blades work well with the shape of the jar by creating a continuous flow and a vortex that results in the high-blending performance.


It comes with a family-sized glass jar. The glass jar is designed to reduce noise and when you are preparing soups, smoothies, juices, purees and even breadcrumbs. The family-sized jar has a six-cup capacity, and it is made of the patented PerfectPour glass. The lid of this container enhances the ease of use of the blender because of it has a pour spout and an ingredients slot.

You might also like the to-go personal jar with 18-ounce capacity. This jar is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. If you find yourself ever in a rush and you are looking for a to-go solution, you will like this jar. It has a snap-on spill-free lid.


You can clean the lids and the personal 18-oz plastic jar in the dishwasher. The blender also comes with a sealed control panel which wipes clean easily.


The blender is easy to use as it comes with three variable speeds plus a pulse function. It also has three smart preprogrammed settings for different functions.

Things we liked

  • The motor is relatively powerful
  • The base is easy to use, and you can put on and take off the blending jar with ease.
  • It is easy to clean
  • The glass jar is sturdy
  • It comes with a personal jar for drinking smoothies on the go.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The blender is as loud as most regular blenders
  • It has too many openings which make cleaning hard
  • It doesn’t crush hard ingredients well.


Though this blender makes it to the quiet blenders category, you shouldn’t expect it to run too quietly. It is slightly quiet, and it will wake up a sleeping child. It is, however, not as quiet as some standard blenders. But, for the low price, you cannot expect it to be as quiet as the Blendtec blender. You might get this blender, only if you don’t mind some level of noise. It is however powerful, easy to use and though it doesn’t crush ice quickly, it has the power you need for your basic blending needs.

What Are The Advantages of Owning a Silent Blender?

If you make smoothies every day or you use a blender for food preparation, then you should look for a silent blender to maintain sanity in your kitchen.

The best silent blenders, though expensive will keep your home quiet. If you have a child, then the blender will ensure that you fix your smoothies or cook without having to wake him or her.

A silent blender will also save you from being a nuisance to your neighbors.

For restaurants, the silent blenders will ensure that you take orders without struggling.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Blender (For Smoothies & More)

Unlike the standard blender, a quiet blender has technological add-ons and features which make the blender a lot more sophisticated and expensive. Also, there are differences in motor design with the quiet blenders having advanced featured to reduce sound produced by the base.

Did you know that noise doesn’t work on linear scale and the noise levels double every 10dB? Since the average noise level between two people is about 65decibels, and the average noise from a standard blender standing at 88decibels, it means that the noise level from the blender is up to four times as loud as the noise from human conversations.

A quiet blender should be operating below 70dB

With these in mind, what makes the best quiet blender? As you have seen from your search, some blenders labeled quiet aren’t quiet at all. So, what should you look for when buying a quiet blender?

The noise dampening features

Before you buy the blender, look at its design features to establish if the blender can dampen the noise from the blending process or not.

Some of the quiet blenders have motors designed to reduce friction which is responsible for the reduction of the mechanical noise from the blender,


The blender’s base could also be made from a thick material like rubber which has noise dampening effects.


You should also consider the material used to make the jar. A preferable material for noise reduction is copolyester. This material absorbs and also dampens the noise created by the jar.

The Quiet Shield

This refers to a plastic container which fits over the jar of the blender. This jar goes over the blending jar containing the noise released during the operation.

Technological aspects

There are technical aspects that help control the noise from a blender by influencing airflow, resulting in low sound production. The sound enclosure technology is the most important feature to consider.

Power and performance

It would be counterproductive to own a quiet blender that doesn’t do much, right? This means that as you check out the noise dampening properties, you should also take a look at the power output from the blender’s motor.

The best quiet blender is capable of crushing ice and seeds with ease, without waking up the entire neighborhood. While regular blenders have about 600W motors, it is safe to have a quiet blender with more than 1000 watts motor power.  Also, the blender should run without overheating.


Besides having sound dampening qualities, the jar should also have the capacity to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Some blenders make large batches others are preferable for personal use.

Control function and settings

You don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out a blender, do you? So. Before you buy it, check user reviews to determine if the blender is easy to use or not. The control functions, preprogrammed settings, and the speed settings should be straightforward.

The blender should also be easy to clean

How to Make a Blender Quieter

So, you just got one of the quietest blenders but, can you make that blender quieter? Well, yes. You need to remember that even the quietest blender you find will still produce some noise and so, you should find ways of dampening the noise further. Here, we share some tricks and tips to get you a quieter blender.

Set the blender two inches from the wall: this ensures that the sound produced by the blender doesn’t bounce off the walls in the enclosed space. You might want to set it in the middle of the kitchen counter to reduce noise.

Use a silicone mat or dish towel:  the mat or the towel will absorb the noise which would otherwise echo off the countertop, reducing the noise emitted. A folded towel is always a better option

Prepare your smoothie the night before. Everything seems louder in the morning than at night, right? Well, how about you save yourself the agony or cussing neighbors and screaming kids by preparing your smoothies the night before?

Go for a low-powered blender if you are planning to use your blender for soft-ingredients only. Some low-powered blenders are capable of crushing frozen fruits and ice

Even though there will be noise produced, these tricks will reduce the noise from the blender significantly. If you still find the noise to be loud, try sound cancellation earmuffs or headphones.

So, What’s the Quiet Blender You Should Get?

Before we reveal the quietest blender you should buy, it is worth mentioning that the quietness of the blender comes at a price and as you’ll soon find out, the cost of the quiet blender is pretty steep! You should, therefore, consider your bank account.  If you don’t want to break the bank, but you still need a blender that allows you to hold a conversation while it's running, then you will have to look for any blender that is cheaper but one that emits less than 70 decibels. You shouldn’t, however, compromise the performance of the blender.

So, which is quiet blender should you get?

Well, as mentioned above, your budget is the primary determining factor. If you are willing to splurge, then the Blendtec Pro 800 is a good choice. It is the world’s quietest blender, and the motor is super powerful. It is also built to last. This blender is also a preferable choice if you have a family that loves smoothies and if you host frequently. It has a 90-ounce WildSide blending jar with a vented lid gripper for ease of use.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend too much, but are looking for value for your money, then you might want to try the Jamba Quiet Shield Blender. However, this blender has small jars with 32 and 20-ounce capacities, and it isn’t suitable for family use.

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