The Best Blenders For Under $200 (Similar to Vitamix)

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Vitamix is the most sought-after brand of blenders.

And, who can blame them?

It has some of the most reliable high-powered blenders made with the highest industry standards.

Their blenders work well but, there is one big problem:

They are expansive.

While most consumers look for decent blenders, a few are willing to spend more than $200.

So don’t you wish there were Vitamix alternatives that cost less money? 

Well, great news everybody: Yes there are!

And in this guide, I will be showing you the best blenders unders $200 that perform almost exactly like the expensive Vitamix.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Don’t Feel Like Reading? Here’s Our Winner

Oster Versa Pro 140

Why dream of a blender you cannot afford yet you can get yourself a cheaper option with features almost similar to the expensive option? 

In many ways, this is the message that the Oster VERSA Pro 1400 blender tries to relay.

This is a very affordable blender, that comes with all the benefits and features of a Vitamix blender. 

It crushes ice, frozen fruits, nuts and the tough vegetables and you can use it to whip up just about everything. 

It has a 64-ounce capacity jar that is BPA-free, three preprogrammed settings, and the speed dial makes for easy adjustments.

The blades also offer a superior level of performance resulting in smooth smoothies, and much more.

So if you’re looking for a quick answer to your question, then the Oster VERSA Pro 1400 is definitely what you’ve been looking for.

How to Choose the Best Blender under $200

You buy a blender or any other kitchen appliance because it has specific features which will make your life easier or healthier than it was without it. 

With all the money you put in, it could be frustrating if the appliance doesn’t do what you anticipated, right? 

Well, since this misfortune can happen to anyone, especially when buying blenders, we determined the features and the factors that make the best blenders. 

Also, since you are looking for an alternative to the Vitamix blender, you have to pay extra attention to these features.

So, what should you look at when buying a Vitamix alternative under $200?

Solid performance

Will the blender blend all the ingredients you put in the blender? 

As you already know, Vitamix blenders are high-performance blenders. 

Therefore, the alternative should be able to prepare smooth soups, purees, sauces, cocktails, and smoothies. 

It should also crush ice and mix frozen drinks.

With these functions in mind, you ought to buy a blender with a strong motor and tough blades to crush all the ingredients in the blending jar.

The blenders with motors above 1000watts are therefore better, as well as the ones with sturdy stainless steel blades.

Blade design and vortex

Vortex is what you need for the all the ingredients in the blending jar to be pulled down. 

Without vortex, you cannot get a perfectly processed blend.

For vortex, you have to consider the shape of the jar, the design of the blade, the speed of the blades, as well as the quality and the consistency of the ingredients in your jar.

While vortex is created easily with thin liquids like water, it becomes harder when you have to deal with thick ingredients. 

To counter this, the best blenders generate a significant level of the vortex by using sharp blades with serrated and straight blades or the ones with four or six blades.  

The speed should also be right for the right amount of vortex to be generated.

Ease of use

Does the blender feature intuitive settings or programs that enhance ease of use? 

Does it come with preset functions to save you from the guessing game? 

Some of the best blenders under $200 have preset buttons for making smoothies, soups, purees, or crushing ice.

Ease of cleaning

You wouldn’t want to use a blender that has hard to clean parts or one that retains a lot of gunk even after cleaning, right? 

With those in mind, you should consider getting a blender with either a self-clean feature, or one whose parts are straightforward and dishwasher-safe.

The blending jar

Blenders under $200 have medium-to-large sized blending jars made of Tritan plastic. 

These jars are durable, easy to clean, lightweight, BPA-free and also have sound dampening effects. 

Fortunately for you, this is a feature common to the high-end blenders too.

When looking for blenders, you should have in mind the use of the blender. 

If you use the blender for family meal preparation and to prepare large batches of smoothies, you should get a blender with a large container.

On the other hand, if you take your smoothies on the go, a blender that comes with to-go cups (18 – 32oz) is preferable.

So the bottom line?

You need to take into account what you are going to use the blender for and then look at the blender that has the features you are looking for.

Reviews of the Best Cheap Vitamix Alternatives

Our research for the best blenders under $200 reveals a wide array of blenders, each promising to offer better performance than the last. 

But, in rare cases are the blenders as good as they claim to be. 

With that in mind, how do you get the best blender that has most, if not all the features of that Vitamix blender? 

For us, it took time, we researched widely, filtering out the blenders with less desirable characteristics. 

At the end of our research, we came out with these five blenders.

Let’s dig in.

1. Oster Versa Pro 1400- Our Winner

The power of this blender and the functional features it boasts makes this blender one of the best addition to your kitchen, at home or even in a restaurant. 

The blender delivers professional-quality performance, and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

It is also versatile, and it has a tough construction to withstand years of use. 

So, what are the features make this blender comparable to Vitamix?


Powerful motor

The blender has a 1400-watt motor which delivers a profound amount of power to crush the hard and the soft ingredients in minutes. 

The motor’s power coupled with the powerful stainless steel blades result in the delivery of an immense amount of power.

The blades spin at high speeds of up to 28,000RPM. 

But, the speed isn’t fixed. You can adjust the blending speeds thanks to the variable speed dial.

At this speed, the blades generate enough friction to heat up ingredients helping you serve up the hottest and the tastiest soups.  

The power of this blender could be all you have been looking for to crush ice and make frozen fruit smoothies.

Controls and Preprogrammed settings

As mentioned above, this blender is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can grab at a low price. 

It is powerful, and you can control the quality of your blends, using the preprogrammed settings. 

The three preprogrammed settings are for preparing smoothies, soups and spreads/ dips. 

With these settings, you could use the blender to make fresh and flavorful foods since it grinds nuts, purees, hot soups, smoothies, as well as sauces and sorbets.

You could also use the settings to prepare roasted garlic hummus, fresh salsa, artichoke dips or pureed pumpkin-lentil soup.

What more, you can start or stop the blender automatically, at the touch of a button. 

And you also get to control the consistency of your blends using the pulse function.

Blending Jar

The blending jar is a 64-ounce jar made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. 

With this capacity, you can make more than one serving of your smoothies. 

Best of all, the blender has a no-mess spout which makes for effortless pouting.

The jar also features measurements which are easy-to-read, as well as a secure-fitting lid that enhances ease of use. 

And it has a soft-touch and a non-slip handle.

You will also like the fact that it has a tamper that simplifies blending of tough and thick ingredients.

But unfortunately, the blender won’t fit under the kitchen cabinet if your kitchen has low-lying cabinets.


Fortunately for you, you don’t have to worry about the blender failing or breaking after a few uses thanks to the sturdy construction design. 

It has an all-metal drive encompassing two connecting pieces made of metal rather than plastic. 

It also has six-point stainless steel blades which can withstand years of use.

Ease of use

Some blenders are powerful but complicated to use as they have attachments that are hard to fix or open. 

But, this isn’t the case with this Oster VERSA Pro 1400. 

It features a quick-connection top which lets you place the jar on the base securely without twisting or forcing it in place. 

The base is also sturdy, and it prevents slipping or movement when in use.

Things We Liked

  • It is powerful, and it pulverizes all the tough and hard ingredients in the blending jar.
  • It is versatile.
  • It has sturdy and durable parts
  • Its preprogrammed settings are easy to use.
  • It has a pulse function and a variable speed dial.
  • The base is stable.
  • It comes with a tamper.
  • It has a 7-year limited warranty.
  • It comes with two recipe books, one for your gourmet cuisines and the other for fresh and fit recipes.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is tall, and it doesn’t fit under low-lying kitchen cabinets.
  • It is loud.
  • It is also bulky.

Final Verdict

This blender is the perfect alternative for you if you cannot afford the Vitamix blenders but, you are looking for something equally powerful. It is easy to use, and it has preprogrammed settings saving you from guesswork. Therefore, if you are looking for a blender that gives you value for your money.

2. Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender – Most Power for Money

If you are going to spend a maximum of $200 on a blender, you should at least make sure that you are getting your money’s worth by buying one of the most powerful blenders you can find.

This Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender is a blender similar to Vitamix in may ways including its power, features, and performance. Buying it is a worthy investment. This blender is super powerful, and it pulverizes everything on its path.  So, what makes experts and blending experts agree that Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender is Vitamix’s alternative?



This blender features a 3-peak horsepower, 1800-watt motor that pulverizes fibrous fruits and vegetables, nuts, ice, and frozen fruits in seconds. You can also use it to crush chickpeas to make hummus. Thanks to the power of the blender, it is the highest-performance Vitamix alternative. The power of the blender is also the reason why this blender can be used in commercial settings too. Oh, it blends phones too!


Alongside the motor, you have tough stainless steel blades which spin at high speeds. The blades have a unique 6-blade system. This blade system is the reason why you could use this blender to chop, puree or blend ingredients in seconds, just because of the powerful motor and the high-strength blends.


It features a manual rotary knob as well as a pulse function, just like the Vitamix 5200. These manual controls keep things simple while adding flexibility in terms of the speed settings.

For safety purposes and to extend the life of the blender, you might want to turn the power all the way to low speed before you turn it off because leaving it on high means that you could get shocked the next time you use the blender.

Blending container

If you are looking for a powerful blender for preparing family meals, you would like the food-grade 64-ounce capacity of this blending container. You can make large batches of blends as the container holds more ingredients. When pulverizing thick and hard fruits and vegetables, or any other ingredients, the tamper will come in handy.

This container is BPA-free meaning that you only get enriching vitamins plus nutrients from all your foods. You can use it to make baby food too.

Stainless steel bearing

Unlike other blenders with plastic bearings, this blender has stainless steel bearings. The use of metal bearings makes the blender a lot more durable. These metal bearings also increase the traction and the power of the blender.


You can use the blender for smoothies, soups, hummus, spreads, dips, ice cream, and a lot more.


The lid, tamper, and the container are dishwasher-safe.

For information on how to use this blender, check out this video.

Things We Like

  • It has commercial-grade power
  • The BPA-free blending container is durable, safe and easy to use
  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • It is versatile
  • It is way cheaper than Vitamix and other high-powered blender varieties
  • It delivers consistent results every time
  • It has a low-profile design, and it fits under low-lying kitchen counters.
  • It is affordable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with preprogrammed settings and so, it doesn’t offer hands-free operation
  • It vibrates when in use


End your search for a high-powered blender with this Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender which costs half the cost of most Vitamix blenders. Its quality is commercial grade, and you might like it if you do heavy blending using tough ingredients.

3. Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) – Best Value For Money

If you have been checking the Ninja Professional Blender (BL660) page for hours, wondering if it is worth your money, then you are in luck because after reviewing this blender, we found it to be worth your money. So, is it a good purchase for you? Does it make great smoothies and frozen delights? Is the blender like Vitamix?


Blending power

The motor is a blender’s central processing unit. If you need a blender that can crush ice, nuts, and frozen fruits, you could try this Ninja Professional Blender (BL660). The blender boasts a powerful blender that has 1100W of power. This motor is coupled with high-strength stainless steel blades.

The blades are the patented Total Crushing Power blades that slice through all kinds of ingredients giving you a smooth and a very consistent final product.  The blades are effective because they move in an intense cyclonic motion which increases blending speeds and efficiency. These blades also rest on the mount steadily and gently.

Unlike other blenders, the blades of this blender rest as three different parts mounted vertically on one stem for fast and uniform processing of ingredients.

You can use it with ease because of the variable speeds that are easy to use.


The blending containers are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic which is durable and safe. There are three blending containers, one 72oz pitcher for large batches and two 16oz containers for easy use on the go. On the busy mornings, you could use the small pitchers on the go.

The containers have small spouts which let you add liquid ingredients. unfortunately, you cannot add chunky ingredients during the blending process.


Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning the blender as it comes with an easy-clean feature. It doesn’t leak, or spill and the detachable parts are dishwasher-safe. You can also clean it using hot water and liquid soap.

Things We Liked

  • It has a high blending power
  • It runs at high speeds
  • It is easy to clean
  • The two 16oz containers make the blender an ideal choice for anyone looking to drink smoothies on the go
  • The containers are safe and BPA-free
  • It is easy to use
  • The blades are tough, and they extract most ingredients from blends.
  • It has simple and sleek controls
  • It is affordable, and it gives you great value for your money

Thing We Didn’t Like

  • It is loud
  • It doesn’t have a strong warranty
  • It doesn’t process chunky ingredients fully
  • Some of the blenders stop working after a few months of use
  • The blades are too sharp, and if washing the blender manually, you can break it.


This blender is competitively priced. It could be your best fit if you are looking for a powerful blender that has sharp blades, a tough motor, variable speeds and to-go options. It isn’t, however, suitable for use if you need a blender that makes soups, butter or nut milk.

4. Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender – Our #4 Rated

The Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender is a high-performance blender. It is an upgrade of the Breville 600XL model, and it doesn’t have the leaking issue that was present in its predecessor. You might like this blender because of the high-quality and the sleek design as well as the powerful motor.



The blender comes with a heavy-duty 750watts motor, and it crushes most ingredients on its way to make the best smoothies and other frozen delights.

Unique design

The blender has a uniquely designed and permanently placed hemisphere blade and bowl system which enhances blending efficiency. The central blades draw down the ingredients on the top of the blade while the wide sweeping blades hug the bottom of the container increasing the blending efficiency. Therefore, even with a motor that is less powerful than other blenders reviewed above, this blender still yields a smooth consistency.

The unique blade design and the high-torque from the motor result in quiet and smooth blending. The contouring on the bowls minimizes the amount of food that gets trapped simplifying cleaning.

Speed and controls

There is an electronic 5-speed control as well as a pulse feature. These functions increase blending efficiency by ensuring that the speed of the blades is maintained to yield consistent results, all the time.

Blending Jar

The blender has a BPA-free blending jar made of high-clarity and shatter-resistant plastic – Eastman Tritan copolyester.  This blending bowl has a 48oz capacity (6-cup) for preparing large batches of blends.

Here is the best part – the blending jar features unique dual ribs which pass ingredients automatically to the blades for great blending results. This jar is dishwasher-safe.

Ease of use

Designed with you in mind, you might like the LCD timer that counts up and down to your preprogrammed settings. For use, just push a button.

For enhanced ease of use, the blender has preprogrammed setting “Ice Crush” and “Smoothie Settings.” These settings automatically alter the speeds of the blender for the best blending results.

Something else you might like – the illuminated buttons that enhance clarity, and the ease of reading. There is also an electronic 5-speed control with a pulse feature that assures you of consistent results, all the time.

More details on the use of this blender available here:

Heavy-duty engineering

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the blender dying out after a few days because this blender comes with strong parts designed to last a while. It has long-lasting blades made of high-quality surgical-grade stainless steel blades. You also have a sturdy base made of die-cast stainless steel.


Though permanent, the blade system is easy to clean – you just need a drop of detergent and some warm/hot water to remove any remnant food particles before putting the whole jar in the dishwasher.

Things We Liked

  • The coil around the base for easy storage
  • It has a heavy-duty motor and parts
  • It is easy to clean
  • It makes great smoothies and frozen delights
  • It is durable
  • No assembly required
  • The controls are easy to use
  • All the parts are dishwasher-safe

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is tall, and it may not fit under low cabinets
  • It is loud


If you don’t mind a loud blender or if you are just looking for a heavy-duty blender that is affordable and easy to use, then you could get this blender.  It is beautifully designed, and the illuminated controls make it easy to read and use the blender. However, this isn’t the best blender for use if you are going to blend smoothies with tough and fibrous or hard ingredients regularly.

5. Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL642) – Our #5 Rated

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL642) is a favorite for smoothie lovers because of the simple yet powerful design. It is affordable, and it meets you blending needs because of the simple design.


Auto-iQ Technology

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ (BL642) stands out from the other blenders under $200 reviewed above because it has the sophisticated Auto-iQ technology which enhances the performance and the ease of use of the Nutri Ninja BL642.

So, what is this Auto-iQ technology?

This is automatic blending program that results in the high blending efficiency of the blender. It is a program configured in the blender for automatic and continuous pulsing, pausing, and blending. Since its all automatic, the blend cycle stops automatically after the timer runs out.

There is also the duo part which refers to the two blending options. The blender gives you the Blend and the Ultra Blend options. You get the best blending results at the push of the button.

To understand how it works, check this video:

Blending power and performance

The blender has a motor that delivers 1000 watts of power. With all this power, the blender delivers the best blending results all the time. The motor spins the rust-proof, durable and high-strength stainless steel blades at high speeds of up to 21,000RPM.

Here is the best part about the blades – they are specially designed pro-extractor blades that extract nutrients from all the ingredients within minutes.

The blender also boasts the patented Total Crushing Technology which makes the blender capable of crushing ice and frozen fruits.  In combination with the intelligent programs, this blender could be just what your kitchen needs.

Blending Jar

You can prepare large batches of your favorite smoothie or frozen delight thanks to the extra-large 72oz blending jar. The jar is made of Eastman plastic which BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

And, that isn’t even the best part – besides the 72oz jar, the blender also comes with three to-go smoothie cups of 18, 24 and 32 ounces. All these to-go cups have sip and seal lids which are leak-free and spill-proof. These cups and the lids are BPA-free.

Things We Liked

  • The blender is easy to clean because all the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • The Auto-IQ feature the guesswork out of blending
  • It comes with a recipe and a wellness guide that has 30 recipes
  • It is versatile, and you can use it to make dips, smoothies, ice cream, sauces and salad dressings, among others.
  • It has three to-go cups
  • The nutrient extractor and the total crushing technology increase the blending performance of the blender
  • It has a year-long warranty
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to clean

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is loud
  • Attaching the cups to the base of the blender is complicated.
  • It has several plastic parts which make the blender less durable
  • It cannot make soups


If you are looking for an affordable blender with intuitive technological features that enhance ease of using, ending the guessing game, you could try this blender. It is powerful and easy to use. However, it doesn’t withstand heavy use.

So, What’s The Best Blender Under $200 For You?

If you are looking for Vitamix alternative, it means that you value high-performance, high-quality, durable and versatile blenders. In this review, we have ascertained the features of the best Vitamix alternatives. These blenders have different characteristics, and they are the best blenders under $200.

From this review, your best blender for smoothies under ($200) is the Cleanblend 3HP Commercial Blender. It goes for half the cost of Vitamix blenders with the same power, and it is super powerful.  With its 3-HP motor with 1800 watts, high blending speeds, powerful stainless steel blades, simple controls, and the large blending container, this is one of the best blenders you can get for less than $200. You could think of it as a Vitamix clone. It is also one of the most versatile blenders under $200.

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